Can You Wrap A Leased Car

Can You Wrap A Leased Car

Can You Wrap A Leased Car

Wrapping A Leased Car

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Whether for personal or business use, leasing a car is an affordable and reliable solution for most businesses. While most leases can be wrapped or applied with vinyl graphics for advertising or branding purposes, there are some exceptions to keep in mind.

If you’re not sure whether wrapping your leased vehicles is allowed or not, keep reading to get the answers you’re looking for.


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Can You Change The Color On A Leased Car?

The first thing you should do before changing the color of your leased car is to refer to the current lease agreement. Review the contract thoroughly before you contact a car wrap installer.

In general, car leases don’t limit lessees from changing the color of leased vehicles or installing premium vinyl wraps. However, it’s always better to ask your leasing company.

You may receive a new lease car with a new paint job. If so, you need to give it some time to cure prior to a partial wrap work. In most cases, a freshly painted vehicle may take up to 8 weeks to cure. If you don’t know how long you should wait, double check with your leasing agent or local vehicle wrap expert for advice.

If you’re allowed to change the color, make sure to secure written documentation to avoid trouble in the future. But if you’re just planning to lease a vehicle and have a vehicle wrap installed, negotiate this before entering into the lease agreement.

This process has become a standard as people often receive their company vehicles from dealers to install cast vinyl wraps that are properly adhering.

What Modifications Can You Do to a Leased Car?

Since you can modify a leased vehicle, it’s important to specify the conditions before wrapping the vehicle. Some of the most common provisos include using brand vinyl only, hiring a professional installer, and removing the vehicle wrap according to the given time frame.

There are so many cheap vehicle wraps out there, so you need to find a high-quality vinyl wrap to use. Choose a reputable name brand vinyl in order to avoid paint damage on the leased vehicle after application. Make sure that premium materials will be used to guarantee the factory paint is protected.


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Temporary Vehicle Wrap Modifications

Modifications must only be temporary, anything that is permanent isn’t allowed. Here are the modifications you can do to wrap a leased car:

  • Electrical and radio components.
  • Tinted window graphics.
  • Tire and wheel upgrades.
  • Adding seat covers.

Using a professional service is vital because applying graphics and vinyl wrap is a master skill that require scraping. You can’t let an amateur wrap your vehicle and expect quality results, you get what you pay for.

How Long Before You Can Remove Car Wraps?

Just like the warranty period, every car wrap installation has an end, usually between 5 to 7 years until the next project. Some of the biggest factors affecting vehicle wraps’ lifespan include extreme weather conditions, the type of material used, and the application process.

The quality depends on how frequently you use the automobile and how you maintain it. When you remove the perfect vehicle wrap according to the recommended time frame, it will help protect the paint job beneath the surface. Therefore, the removal process reduces the risk of damage while removing the vinyl wraps.

Final Thoughts

Always review your lease term before performing any wrapping modifications such as changing the color to avoid getting into trouble. So, can you wrap a leased car? This guide answers this question in complete detail.

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