Is a Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable?

Is a Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable?

Is a Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable?

Is a Damaged Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable

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There’s nothing more annoying than having a damaged vinyl car wrap. While a few scratches on the car wraps can be fine, it doesn’t feel right when the ruined vinyl wraps become an eyesore.

To reduce your anxiety, yes, thankfully you can repair vinyl wrap without replacing the whole graphics in your car.

In this article, we’ll share what to expect when your vinyl car wrap gets repaired and the little tips you can use to fix it on your own.


examining vehicle body for scratches and damages


How To Repair Vehicle Wraps

While this repair work can be done on your own, having the wrap repaired by your vinyl wrap company will ensure a perfect repair job.

Follow these steps that go into repairing a small scratch on a car wrap:

Clean the Damaged Area

Gently clean the affected vehicle wrap design by soaking the microfiber towel in a container with a mix of water and dish soap.

If you found any grease, debris, or wax, take it away from the area before doing any body work, as these might mess up the way the vinyl patches stick to your vehicle.

Remove Damaged Vinyl Sections

While waiting for the damaged area to dry, remove the affected vinyl parts from the vehicle using a wet sandpaper and sanding block. Apply light pressure on the block and sand horizontally.

After removing the damaged portion, clean it again until it dries.

Apply the Vinyl Patch

After eliminating the damaged part, it’s time to measure the new wrap. When applying the vinyl patch, measure out the vinyl needed- make it big enough to cover the damage and overlap the existing vinyl wrap.

Once you have the right fit, get rid of the backing and use your fingers to re-apply the central

location of the vinyl.

Continue doing the work, and don’t let any air bubbles protrude. If it’s difficult, use a heat gun to make the vinyl easier to stretch.


Repairing car body


Stick the Vinyl Patch

After applying the patch, take your heat gun and work on the stretched surfaces to help the vinyl wrap stick to the vehicle. Use a razor blade to eliminate the excess vinyl car wraps.

Vehicle Wraps Repairs After a Car Accident

Don’t worry if you think you can’t repair vehicle wraps after a major vehicle accident. Seek the assistance of a wrap company with large format printers and a color management system for best results. We can help you here at Precision Sign & Design in Tulsa, OK.

If the damage on your car has to be repaired and repainted, ask the auto repair technician the time needed for the paint to cure.

There are instances when the paint below the surface is still wet, although you can drive your car because it is dry when you touch it. The paint needs time to stick well to the vehicle before your car wrap can be repaired. Also, check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible to claim compensation for the damages you incur.

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